Previous Year Series

Topic: CONCORD (Set-1)

1➤ The Chief Minister as well as two other ministers______ visiting the Place today. (LDC Palakkad 2003)

2➤ Neither the soldiers nor their commander______ to blame:(LDC KOZHIKODE 2003)

3➤ All his money______ spent on the house. (LDC KOZHIKODE 2003)

4➤ Employment opportunities______ becoming rare these days. (LDC KOZHIKODE 2003)

5➤ A pair of shoes______ found near the scene of Murder yesterday. (LDC Thrissur 2003)

6➤ One of the persons killed in the accident______ a friend of mine. (LD Clerk Idukki 2003)

7➤ Children______ afraid of the dark. (LD Clerk Idukki 2003)

8➤ More than one person______ feared to be drowned. (LD Clerk Idukki 2003)

9➤ He as well as his friends______ to be blamed for it. (LDC By transfer - 2003)

10➤ A good deal of information______ been collected. (Welfare Officer (NCA) 2003)

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