Previous Year Series

Topic: CONCORD (Set-4)

1➤ A group of men ________ standing near the shop. (LDC Wayanad 2005)

2➤ One of my relatives______ in london. (LDC Wayanad 2005)

3➤ The conductor as well as the passengers______ be blamed for the trouble. (LDC Wayanad 2005)

4➤ A great number of people______ come to visit the exhibition. (LDC Kozhikode 2005)

5➤ My uncle and guardian______ me to study medicine. (LDC Idukki 2005)

6➤ Anil as well as Sunil______ to be blamed for what happened. (LDC Tvm 2005)

7➤ One of my friends______ passed the examination. (LDC Tvm 2005)

8➤ A group of girls______ singing a song. (LDC Tvm 2005)

9➤ The elephant, unlike tigers and lions______not eat flesh. (LDC Kozhikode 2007)

10➤ Which of the following sentences is correct?(Assistnant Jailor Gr. II -2007)

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