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Topic: GENDER  (Set-2)

1➤ Nephew is to niece as bachelor is to: (Lab) Ass.I 2011)

2➤ Which of the following words are wrongly paired. (LDC KNR 2013)

3➤ A duke's wife is known as. (LDC WYND 2013)

4➤ The incorrect match from the following is: (Assi. Gr. II Kerala Veterinary 2014)

5➤ The feminine gender of nephew is: (Male Warden, Jail (Sr.SC/ST)2014)

6➤ Choose the feminine gender of Fox: (Male Warden, Jail (SR.SC/ST) - 2014)

7➤ What is the feminine gender of ram? (Divisional Accountant, Water Authority 2014)

8➤ Feminine gender of Fox is: (VEO (PTA, EKM) 2014)

9➤ The feminine gender of lad is: (VEO (KLM, ALP) 2014)

10➤ The feminine gender of milkman is: (VEO 2014)

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