News Reading Practice #26

(100 Day Challenge)



A sick leopard on Wednesday strayed into a Madhya Pradesh village and became a source of entertainment for the locals who took selfies with the wild animal, besides enjoying a piggyback ride on it.
A farmer in the village of Ilkera under Tonkhurd tehsil in Dewas district spotted the two-year-old leopard roaming in the cattle grazing field and raised alarms leading other villagers to rush to the spot, Rajesh Pattidar, a local said.

The villagers then surrounded the leopard and some of them even gathered courage to go near the wild animal when they found it unwell. Some youths took video of the incident and made it viral on social media.

In the videos that have surfaced on social media, a group of men, some of them holding sticks, are seen either sitting or standing near the leopard. Some of them try to click pictures with the spotted feline, while some others touch the animal who is not resisting their attempts. One video shows a man trying to ride on the animal when the latter is walking.

The animal, suspected to be suffering from some brain disorder, was admitted to a Zoo in Indore city on Wednesday in a critical condition, and is battling for life, an official said

"The leopard was found wandering in a dizzy condition by some villagers. A rescue team of the forest department rushed to the spot from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh after being informed of the incident. The people were dispersed and the leopard was rescued by the forest team", the forest guard of Dewas range Jitendra Singh Chouhan told this newspaper. "This is for the first time we saw that despite being harassed by the villagers, the leopard neither roared at them nor resisted their attempts", said Dr Uttam Yadav, incharge of Indore's Kamla Nehru Zoo.

Screengrab shows villagers riding piggyback on a leopard and clicking selfies in Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday.


Strayed - Moved away from the correct path or location. (കൂട്ടം പിരിഞ്ഞ, വഴിതെറ്റിവന്ന.)

Source of Entertainment - Something that provides enjoyment or amusement. (വിനോദത്തിൻ്റെ ഉറവിടം)

Piggyback - Carried on someone's back or shoulders. (തോളത്തെടുത്തു കൊണ്ടു പോവുക)

Spotted - Noticed or observed. (ശ്രദ്ധയിൽപ്പെടുക)

Cattle Grazing - Cows or other domesticated animals eating grass in an open field. (പുല്ലുമേയൽ)

Surrounded - Encircled or enclosed on all sides. (വളയപ്പെട്ട)

Incident - An event or occurrence, often notable or unusual. (പെട്ടെന്നുണ്ടാകുന്ന സംഭവം)

Viral - Quickly and widely circulated or shared, especially on the internet. (അതിവേഗം പ്രചരിക്കുന്ന വിവരങ്ങളെ സംബന്ധിച്ച)

Surfaced - Came to public attention or became known. (വെളിച്ചത്തുവരുക)

Feline - Relating to or resembling cats. (മാർജ്ജാരവർഗ്ഗത്തിൽപ്പെട്ട)

Latter - Refers to the second of two things or the second mentioned in a sequence. (രണ്ടെണ്ണത്തിൽ രണ്ടാമത്തേതായ)

Disorder - A lack of order; confusion or chaos. (രോഗം, അസുഖം.)

Battling - Engaged in a fight or conflict. (പോരാട്ടം)

Wandering - Moving about without a clear destination or purpose. (അലഞ്ഞുനടക്കുന്ന)

Dizzy Condition - Feeling lightheaded or unsteady. (തലചുറ്റുന്ന അവസ്ഥ.)

Dispersed - Scattered or spread out. (പിരിച്ചുവിടുക.)

Roared - To make a long, loud, deep sound (ഉച്ചത്തിൽ അലറുക)

Resisted - Opposed or withstood. (എതിർക്കുക)

Attempts - Efforts or tries to do something. (ശ്രമം)