News Reading Practice #28

(100 Day Challenge)



The NHAI has completed the tender process to initiate work on removing the traffic bottleneck near the Karna Lake on NH-44.

"We have completed the tender process and are hopeful that the work will commence by the end of October and the bottleneck near the Haryana Police Academy, Madhuban, will be removed with the widening of a bridge," said a senior NHAI official.
The main carriageway of the highway becomes narrow on the Western Yamuna Canal (WYC) bridge, where vehicles from the main lanes, service lane and the Western Bypass merge, slowing down the traffic and often leading to a bottleneck.
Residents hailed the decision of the NHAI and said it would help in reducing the number of accidents here.
The road-widening work was being undertaken by the NHAI under a project to rectify geometric flaws in the structure of the Panipat-Jalandhar highway. Over Rs 500 crore would be spent on the project, under which bridges would also be constructed in continuation with service roads and railway overbridges wherever required, said the official.
The main carriageway on the WYC bridge would be widened from four lanes to six lanes. "We have observed drainage issues at some places, including Taraori, Shahabad and Ambala, which will also be resolved under this project. Illegal entry/exit points will be closed." he added.


BOTTLENECK - A point of congestion or restriction, often in a process or system, where the flow is impeded. (ഗതാഗതസ്തംഭനം)

TENDER - An offer or proposal, often in writing, made to carry out work, supply goods, or provide a service at a specified cost or rate. (എഴുതി ഏല്‍പ്പിക്കുന്ന കരാര്‍.)

WIDENING - The act or process of making something wider or broader. (വീതികൂട്ടുക)

CARRIAGEWAY - The part of a road or highway designed for the movement of vehicles, typically excluding the shoulders and sidewalks.

MERGE - To combine or blend into a unified whole, often used in the context of traffic lanes converging into one. (ലയിപ്പിക്കുക)

HAILED - To acclaim or acknowledge enthusiastically (പ്രശംസിക്കുക)

RECTIFY - To correct or remedy a situation, problem, or error; to set right. (ശരിപ്പെടുത്തുക)

GEOMETRIC FLAWS - Imperfections or errors related to the shape, proportions, or arrangement of objects or structures.

CONTINUATION - The act or state of carrying on or extending without interruption. (തുടർന്നുള്ള പ്രവൃത്തി)

DRAINAGE - The process or means by which water or other liquids are drained or discharged. (ജലനിർഗ്ഗമനസംവിധാനം)

RESOLVED - To find a solution or come to a firm decision regarding a problem, dispute, or uncertainty. (പരിഹാരം കാണുക)