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Topic: CONCORD (Set-13)

1➤ Hema_____one of the best students in the class:(Food Safety Officer, Food Safety 2015)

2➤ Choose the correct verb to fill the blank in the sentence:The house, with its contents, _____ assured. (Forest Guard - 2015)

3➤ Rani as well as her friends_____won a prize. (LDC (NCC) 2015)

4➤ The horse and carriage_____at the door. (Male/ Female Warden 2015)

5➤ The teacher as well as the students_____. (LDCBill Collector 2015)

6➤ One of the girls_____a badminton player. (Sergeant(NCA) 2015)

7➤ 3. One among the stars_____with a red colour. (Fire Man (Trainee) 2015)

8➤ The Royal Group of hotels have a unique collection of imported_____. (SI/Excise Inspector/AssL Jailor 2015)

9➤ Neither my brother nor my parents_____to the party. (SI/Excise Inspector/Assi. Jailor 2015)

10➤ one of my friends_____ in Mumbai now. (KSRTC/Store Keeper 2016)

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