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Topic: CONCORD (Set-14)

1➤ My best friend and severest critic_____ my mother. (Computer Assi Gr. II 2016)

2➤ One of the men_____ attended the meeting: (Asst. Sales man, Civil Supplies Corp. 2016)

3➤ Hundred dollars_____ a high price to pay. (Beverages LDC 2016)

4➤ One of the pupils_____ selected for the competition. (Beverages LDC 2016)

5➤ None of the students_____ their assignments. (Beat Forest Officer - Forest 2016)

6➤ . Complete the sentence: My friend_____my brother is ill. (Women Police Constable (NCA) 2016)

7➤ Each can_____ his turn on the wheel of life. (Women Police Constable (NCA) 2016)

8➤ Neither of them_____ invited to the party. (Lab. Asst. KHSE 2016)

9➤ One of my friends_____ passed the examination. (Lab. Asst. KHSE 2016)

10➤ One of the puppies_____ out of the kennel. (LDC Various Tamil & Malayalam 2016)

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