News Reading Practice #37

(100 Day Challenge)



The agriculture sector in Tamil Nadu is facing an unprecedented crisis in the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung and subsequent torrential rainfall. While the farmers in Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur, Chengalpet, and parts of Chennai are coming back to normal, the people and ryots in southern districts are yet to cope with the destruction wreaked by the torrential rainfall.

Sami Natarajan, general secretary, Tamil Nadu Vivasayigal Sangam, highlighted the severe impact on farmers in Ramanathapuram,

Virudhunagar,Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, and Thoothukudi. Crops, including corn, finger millet, black gram, and paddy, stand submerged in various taluks.

Farmers like B Puviraj from Ottapidaram shared heart-breaking stories of fields, which were ready for harvest, inundated due to breached lakes in

Thoothukudi. M Muthuram of Ramanthapuram said nearly 60,000 acres of paddy were fully submerged and significant damage to bell peppers and sesame seeds, affecting many impoverished farmers.

R Perumal from Virudhunagar said 1,000 acres of paddy fields were destroyed, accompanied by losses in peppers, finger millet, corn, and black gram. The devastation goes beyond crops, with more than 150 cattle drowned and numerous houses destroyed.

In response to this crisis, Sami Natarajan called for urgent intervention of the government. He emphasised the need for comprehensive surveys to assess the extent of the damage, proposing interim relief ranging from Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per acre for affected crops.

He also advocated for measures to restore the affected land, enabling cultivation once again. Natarajan wanted swift restoration of the livelihood of devastated farmers.


SECTOR: A specific part or area of the economy, in this context, referring to the agriculture sector.

NECK DEEP: To be deeply involved or immersed in a challenging situation.

UNPRECEDENTED CRISIS: A severe and unexpected situation that has not occurred before.

AFTERMATH: The period following a destructive event, in this case, referring to the consequences after Cyclone Michaung and heavy rainfall.

TORRENTIAL: Refers to heavy and continuous rainfall.

RYOTS: Farmers or cultivators, often used in Indian English.

COPE: To deal effectively with a difficult situation.

WREAKED: Caused extensive damage or destruction.

SUBMERGED: Covered or under water.

INUNDATED: Flooded or overwhelmed.

BREACHED: Broken or opened, often referring to barriers like lakes or dams.

PADDY: Rice field or a field where rice is grown.

IMPOVERISHED: Very poor or lacking resources.

DEVASTATION: Severe destruction or damage

INTERVENTION: Action taken to improve or control a situation.

EMPHASISED: Stressed or highlighted as important.

COMPREHENSIVE: Thorough and complete.

INTERIM: Temporary or in the meantime.

ADVOCATED: Supported or recommended.

RESTORATION: The process of returning something to its previous condition or state.