News Reading Practice #39

(100 Day Challenge)


Thiruvananthapuram, Dec.21: 

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday accused Governor Arif Mohammed Khan and the opposition Congress of attempting to disrupt peace in the state.

Vijayan said that the actions of Khan have already indicated that he is part of those who desire to destroy the peaceful environment in Kerala. “He intended to provoke and create an atmosphere of conflict in the state to disrupt peace in Kerala. However, the public response to it was in a dignified manner” he said during a press meeting on the sidelines of the Nava Kerala Sadas -- the state government’s outreach programme.

Vijayan said that even the Students’ Federation of India (SFI), the student outfit of the CPI(M), protested in a responsible manner against the senate appointments by Khan acting as Chancellor of universities in the state.

“They did not act in a manner which could lead to any conflict that the Governor wanted to create. They (SFI) did not stoop to his level. They did not fall into his trap and that needs to be appreciated,” he said.

Vijayan contended that communal forces and their agents were trying to prevent the state’s higher education sector from making significant gains.

He said that the future of the country lies in the coming generations and therefore, there needs to be concerted action against those who “inject the poison of racism and hatred into their minds”.

The CM also questioned a march organised by the Kerala Students’ Union (KSU) by asking what students-related issues they were raising. He claimed that the KSU march was aimed at implementing the “call for violence” by Leader of Opposition in the state assembly V D Satheesan a day ago outside the State Secretariat.

“So, the intention is to disrupt the peace in the state. What will they (Congress) gain by it? Why take such a stand? Can a responsible party or organisation take such a stand? Unfortunately, the opposition leader himself is calling for violence. We saw that yesterday” the CM said.

Vijayan said that these actions of the Congress and LoP indicate their disappointment over their plans not working. “As a result, they themselves get provoked. But this (violence) is not the solution for that,” he said.

Satheesan, while addressing a Youth Congress march to the Secretariat on Wednesday, had warned of retaliation if the police did not act against those who attacked the workers of the party’s youth wing across districts during the state government’s Nava Kerala Sadas out-reach programme.

Vijayan also stuck to this stand that those showing him black flags were not being attacked and they were only being pushed out of the path of the Nava Kerala Sadas bus to save their lives.

“I have been saying that right from the start. Pushing them out of the way of the bus was a rescue effort. But Congress does not want that. They want someone to be harmed. That is why they have instructed the protestors to jump before the bus,” the CM alleged.



DISRUPT: To interrupt or hinder the normal course or progress of something, causing disorder or turmoil.

ACCUSED: A person or group officially charged with a crime or wrongdoing.

INDICATED: To suggest or demonstrate something, often through actions or behaviors.

PROVOKE: To stimulate or incite a reaction, often with the intention of causing conflict or unrest.

DIGNIFIED: Having or showing a composed and serious manner that is worthy of respect.

STOOP: To lower one's moral or ethical standards; to behave in a way that is beneath one's dignity.

APPRECIATED: Recognized and valued for one's actions or qualities.

CONTENDED: To argue or assert a point; to maintain a particular stance or viewpoint.

COMMUNAL FORCES: Groups or influences within a community that act together or share common goals.

CONCERTED: Jointly arranged, planned, or carried out; coordinated effort by a group.

IMPLEMENTING: Carrying out or putting into effect a plan, decision, or system.

INTENTION: A purpose or plan; the aim or objective behind an action.

PROVOKED: To incite or stimulate a reaction, often an emotional one.

RETALIATION: The act of responding to an injury or harm with a corresponding injury or harm.

INSTRUCTED: Given directions or orders; guided in how to perform a task.