Previous Year Series

Topic: ARTICLES(Set-3)

1➤ She is ______untidy girl. (LDC Malappuram 2007)

2➤ I often listen to ______radio. (LDC Kollam 2007)

3➤ Copper is______useful metal. (LDC Alappuzha & Wayanad 2007)

4➤ Home is _____sweetest place on earth. (BDO Prelims -2008)

5➤ _______ book you want is out of print. (Police Constable - 2008)

6➤ The Ganga is_____ sacred river. (Asst. Time Keeper 2008)

7➤ The officials of the Tourism Dept are waiting at_____ railway to greet a new batch of American tourists. (Excise Guard - 2008)

8➤ Delhi is _____ capital of India. (Junior Assi. Cashier KSEB - 2009 Speical Recruitment)

9➤ I will complete the course in ______year. (Asssistant Grade II Kerala State Beverages - 2009)

10➤ When I was young, I spent______ year in Jaipur. (Male warden-2009)

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