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Topic: CONCORD (Set-16)

1➤ Either you or she ________ got the box. (VEO (TVM, KZKD) - 2018)

2➤ Children of my age_____ participating in the competition. (VEO (KSGD, PKD, EKM) - 2019)

3➤ The girls as well as their teacher_____ left. (VEO (ALPA, KTM, TSR) -2019)

4➤ Many a mickle_____ a muckle. (VEO (KLM, IDK, KNR) -2019)

5➤ I ______ just come. (LD Clerk SR for ST only in Various Dept 10/01/2020)

6➤ The Principal along with his staff _____ going for a picnic. (Ldc Ex-Servicemen - 07/10/2021)

7➤ Fill in the blank with the appropriate word. The brothers together with their sister____ here. (Degree Prelims Phase-I - 13/11/2021)

8➤ Choose the appropriate verb to fill in the blank. Every boy and every girl ____given a packet of chocolates. (Assistant Salesman - 12/12/2021)

9➤ The principal along with his staff____ going on a tour. Fill in the blank with the appropriate verb. (Assistant Compiler Live Stock Development Board Ltd. - 8/12/2021)

10➤ Insert the correct verb for the sentence. Either of the candidates _____ scored good marks. (Medical Photographer - 06/12/2021)

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