News Reading Practice #48

(100 Day Challenge)


AICC general secretary in charge of Kerala affairs Deepa Dasmunshi meets office-bearers of Congress-led service organisations, trade unions to equip the party to fight both parties

G. Anand

The Congress on Sunday moved to hone its campaign machinery by harnessing the resources of tributary organisations to take on an arguably more battle-ready and organisationally primed Communist Party of India (Marxist) [CPI(M)] and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

All India Congress Committee (AICC) general secretary in charge of Kerala affairs Deepa Dasmunshi chaired a meeting of the office-bearers of Congress- led service organisations and trade unions to equip the party to fight on two fronts simultaneously.

War rooms in 20 Lok Sabha constituencies will catalyse the Congress campaign. They will spearhead electoral battles on the airwaves and the ground.

Congress's gambit reportedly centres around the strategy to eclipse its perceived vulnerabilities while accentuating the "faults" of the Union and State governments. It wants to outdo the CPI(M) and the BJP by having more doorstep conversations with voters.

Nevertheless, Congress's rivals have sufficient policy ammunition to undermine the party's electoral standing among crucial electoral blocs.

For one, the CPI(M) has accused Congress of toeing a soft Hindutva line and being "embarrassingly racked by indecisiveness" over whether to reject the BJP's invitation to attend the consecration of the Ram Temple at Ayodhya, despite counting the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) as a critical ally.

The Congress-led INDIA bloc had termed the event a political spectacle orchestrated by the Sangh Parivar to galvanise Hindu votes ahead of the Lok Sabha polls. The BJP has, in turn, accused Congress of turning its back on Hindu beliefs.


NSS, SNDP stances 

It also did not help Congress that the NSS and SNDP, both politically influential Hindu social organisations that have often hewed to Congress in varying degrees, have urged their supporters to celebrate the temple inauguration. Moreover, given NSS’s staunch objection to the move, the Congress was constrained to put on mute in Kerala its national leadership's pitch for a caste census to recalibrate the country's reservation policy.

Preserving strongholds The CPI(M)'s pro-rubber farmer politics, the BJP's overtures to the Christian community and the tangible threat from the KC(M), a key LDF ally, have forced the Congress to walk the extra mile to preserve its traditional heartlands in central Kerala.

Congress leaders have also aired their visceral fear about possible last-minute tactical voting by the CPI(M) and the BJP to sink its prospects in crucial battleground constituencies, primarily Thrissur, Wayanad and Thiruvananthapuram.


HONE - Refines or sharpens. (മൂര്‍ച്ഛകൂട്ടുക, തീവ്രമാക്കുക)

CAMPAIGN - Organised activities with a particular goal, often related to elections. (പ്രചരണം)

TAKE ON - Be willing or ready to meet an adversary or opponent. (നേരിടുക)

OFFICE BEARER - Individuals holding positions in an organisation. (ഭാരവാഹി, ഉദ്യോഗസ്ഥന്‍)

CAMPAIGN MACHINERY - Organized tools and efforts a political party uses during elections or other campaigns. (പ്രചനരണ സംവിധാനങ്ങള്‍)

HARNESS - Make use of (പ്രയോജനപ്പെടുത്തുക.)

TRIBUTARY ORGANIZATIONS - Groups or entities that contribute resources, support, or efforts to a larger or main organization (പോഷക സംഘടനകള്‍)

BATTLE-READY - Prepared for conflict or competition. (സുസജ്ജമായ)

CHAIR A MEETING - Led or presided over. (യോഗത്തില്‍ അധ്യക്ഷം വഹിക്കുക)

SIMULTANEOUSLY - Existing or occurring at the same time (ഒരേ സമയത്ത്)

CONSTITUENCIES - Areas represented by an elected official.

CATALYSE - Accelerate or stimulate. (ത്വരിതപ്പെടുത്തുക)

SPEARHEAD -  Lead or initiate. (ആക്രമണത്തെ) നയിക്കുക)

GAMBIT -  Strategic move or action. (കരുനീക്കം, സൂത്രം)

ECLIPSE - To hide, surpass or overshadow. (ഇരുട്ടാക്കുക, മറയ്ക്കുക)

PERCEIVED VULNERABILITIES - Weaknesses that are understood or recognized. (പ്രത്യക്ഷമായ കേടുപാടുകള്‍)

ACCENTUATE - Emphasizing or highlighting. (ഊന്നിപ്പറയുക, എടുത്തുകാണിക്കുക.)

RIVALS - Competitors or opponents. (എതിരാളി, പ്രതിയോഗി.)

AMMUNITION - Resources or arguments to use against opponents. (പടക്കോപ്പ്, വാദത്തിനാവശ്യമായ വസ്തുതകള്‍.)

UNDERMINE - Weaken or sabotage. (നശിപ്പിക്കുക, ദുര്‍ബ്ബലമാക്കുക)

TOE - Following or adhering to. (സമ്മര്‍ദ്ധത്തിനുവിധേയമായി അനുസരിക്കുക-സ്വീകരിക്കുക)

RACK - Tormented or distressed. (ഞെരുക്കുക, സമ്മര്‍ദ്ധത്തിലാക്കുക)

INDECISIVENESS -  Lack of decisiveness or firmness. (തീരുമാനിക്കാനാവാത്ത അവസ്ഥ, നിശ്ചയമില്ലായ്മ)

ALLY - A political partner or supporter. (സഖ്യം)

SPECTACLE - A visually striking display or event. (അത്ഭുതം, പ്രദര്‍ശനം)

ORCHESTRATED - Coordinated or arranged. (ആസൂത്രണം ചെയ്യുക.)

GALVANISE - Energize or stimulate. (വര്‍ദ്ധിപ്പിക്കുക.)

STANCE - A publicly stated opinion. (നിലപാട് )

HEW - Obey; adhere closely. (അനുസരിക്കുക)

URGE - Encouraged or recommended. (പ്രേരിപ്പിക്കുക )

STAUNCH - Loyal or committed. (ഉറച്ച)

CONSTRAINED - Restricted or limited. (നിര്‍ബന്ധിക്കപ്പെട്ടു, നിര്‍ബന്ധിതനായി. )

PUT ON MUTE - Temporarily silenced. (നിശബ്ദമാക്കുക.)

RECALIBRATE - To make small changes or adjustments to a system. (പുനക്രമീകരിക്കുക.)

STRONGHOLDS - Areas of strength or influence. (ശക്തികേന്ദ്രം, കോട്ട)

OVERTURES - Initiatives or proposals. (കൂടിയാലോചനനടത്തല്‍)

TANGIBLE THREAT - A realistic and present danger that can be seen or felt. (പ്രകടമായ ഭീഷണി)

WALK THE EXTRA MILE - Make an additional effort.

HEARTLAND - Core or central regions. (പരമപ്രധാന സ്ഥലം.)

VISCERAL FEAR - Fear that you feel very deeply and find it difficult to control or ignore. (ഉള്‍ഭയം)