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Topic: ARTICLES(Set-9)

1➤ France is _____ European country. (LDC (SR-PH) - 2014)

2➤ I met _____ old man yesterday. (Women Police Constable (Tsr, Knr)-2014)

3➤ This morning I met _____ old friend. (LDC By Transfer 2014)

4➤ _____iron is a useful metal. (LDC (Various) & VEO (ST SR & PH) 2014)

5➤ Fill in the space using the correct article: This is _____ book I was searching for. (SI, EI, Assi. Jailor 2014)

6➤ Germany is _____ European country. (Asst. Information Officer (NCA-ST) 2014)

7➤ When she plays _____ piano, she seems to be in heaven? (Jr. Assi. Foam Mattings 2014)

8➤ _____Western Ghats should be protected to save the life of Kerala. (Excise Guard/Women Excise Guard (SR SC/ST) PKD, TSR 2014)

9➤ Choose the correct article: This test lastsfor_____hour. (Jr. Assi/Cashier/Assi Gr. II KSFE/KSEB/TSR Corp. 2015)

10➤ Use the article: The teacher drew a tree on_____black board. (HSA English, Education 2015)

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