News Reading Practice #60

(100 Day Challenge)



The bodies of an elderly couple were exhumed by the police from a dilapidated well in a rubber plantation adjoining their house on Thursday. 

The police said John, 65, and Leelamma, 60, of Kanjiravilayil House at Perumpulickal in Pandalam were allegedly killed by their youngest son Mathew John, 28, following an altercation on June 25. Mathew John, who surrendered before the Pandalam police confessing to the crime, was arrested. 

The accused with his wife and children were staying with his parents at Perumpulickal. His wife and children were away at her house in Kottayam on the day of the incident

The accused stated before the police that he had an altercation with his father on June 25 and fatally knocked him down. He killed his mother, who was witness to the incident. He then dragged the bodies into a dilapidated well in the rubber plantation and told his neighbours that his parents had gone to attend some retreat

Mathew John said he had dumped a few poisoned stray dogs into the well after his neighbours and latex-tappers complained of stench emanating from the well. He hired an earth-mover and dumped earth into the well on Thursday morning. 

Attending a phone call of his elder brother Varghese John, who is residing abroad, the accused said he killed their parents and dumped the bodies into the well a week ago. The former informed his relatives, who in turn alerted the police in the morning. 

Meanwhile, Mathew John walked in to the Pandalam police station and confessed to the crime. The police later exhumed the bodies from the well.


EXHUMED: Removed from burial; dug up from the ground.( പുറത്തെടുത്തു) 

DILAPIDATED: In a state of disrepair or ruin, especially due to neglect.(ജീർണ്ണിച്ച) 

PLANTATION: A large estate where crops such as rubber or tea are grown. (തോട്ടം)

ADJOINING: Next to or connected to, typically referring to two properties or areas. (തൊട്ടടുത്ത്)

ALLEGEDLY: Claimed or stated to have taken place, but not yet proven.(  ആരോപണം ഉന്നയിക്കുന്ന)

ALTERCATION: A noisy argument or disagreement, often resulting in a heated exchange. (വഴക്കിടൽ)

SURRENDERED: Gave oneself up; yielded to the authorities or an opponent. (കീഴടങ്ങുക)

CONFESSING: Admitting or acknowledging guilt or wrongdoing, often voluntarily.(ഏറ്റുപറയുക) 

ACCUSED: A person officially charged with a crime, typically by the authorities(പ്രതി). 

INCIDENT: An event or occurrence, typically negative or unexpected.(സംഭവം) 

FATALLY: Resulting in death; causing fatal injuries or consequences.(മരണകാരണമായി) 

RETREAT: A period or place of seclusion for the purposes of prayer and meditation.(മരണകാരണമായി) 

DUMPED: Disposed of or discarded, often carelessly or hastily.(വലിച്ചെറിയുക) 

POISONED: Contaminated with a substance that can cause injury, illness, or death.(വിഷലിപ്തമായ)

LATEX-TAPPERS: Workers who extract latex from rubber trees. (റബർ ടാപ്പിങ്)

STENCH: A strong, unpleasant smell. (ദുർഗന്ധം)

EMANATING: Coming forth or issuing, typically referring to an odor or substance. (പുറപ്പെടുവിക്കുന്നു)

FORMER: Previous; referring to a person who held a particular position or status in the past.(ആദ്യം പറഞ്ഞ)